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2 hours eating and drinking all you can eat 400 【Yakiniku · hormone · pot · cuisine】 2777 yen ♪ All-you-can-eat steak !!

2 hours eating and drinking all you can eat 400 【Yakiniku · hormone · pot · cuisine】 2777 yen ♪ All-you-can-eat steak !!

By using a coupon¥ 2777

All-you-can-eat drinking 2 hours · tax included price 2999 yen including all 【within 3000 yen】

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All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink menu is prepared according to 50, 300, 800 species and course ♪ All you can drink, all you drink beer, cask draft beer, cocktail, shochu, whiskey, wine, fruit wine, sour and soft drinks ☆ Abundance of drinks · There are no additional charges depending on the type of sake proud of our shop!

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2 hours eating and drinking all you can eat 400 kinds 【Yakiniku · hormone · pot · cuisine】 2777 yen ♪ All-you-can-eat steak !! 2 people ~ the day OK ☆ For groups, you can also serve assorted platter etc. Is possible.For all you can eat, please order 3 items per person.

Course menu

【Grilled meat】

Calf Calbi steak Salt beef Calbi steak Spicy miso beef Calbi steak ※ Quantity limited

Cherry billed beef syrup brown cow Calbee spicy miso cherry cow Calvi

Aging cattle Calbi Salt matured cow Calbi spicy miso aged beef Calbi

Vine Beef Calbi

Soft Bull Calbi Salt Soft Cow Calbi Spicy Milk Soft Calf Calbi

Medium falling cow Calbium Onion Salt Beef Calb Calcium in the spicy miso Beef cattle Calvi

Shaku shabu bull Calbi onion Salt-grilled shabu-shabu cow Calbi spicy miso baked shabu-boa bee Calvi

Beef loin, salt beef loin, spicy miso beef loin

Beef Hararami Onion Salt Beef Harami Spicy Miso Beef Harami

Beef tongue with salt tan spicy miso beef tongue

Pork belly salted sweet potato spicy miso swine toro

Chicken thigh meat onion chicken thigh meat spicy miso chicken thigh

Hormone MIX Baked Semi Gear Tetcan Hoso Baking Lever Winner

※ Hormones can also be made of grilled meat sour sauce.【Grilled seafood / grilled vegetables】

Scallop shellfish or salmon chicken onion white onigumi sweet potato shiitake


Beef pumpkin MIX vegetable served Chinese noodles

Instant Happiness

Cherry shrimp vegetables full of Japanese style salad sweet spicy chicken sesame caesar salad raw senmai

Boiled regular salt boiled soybean spicy spicy sauce Cucumber Tataki cucumber plum Meat meat BBQ Kimchi

Chicken hormone Onisurapon vinegar Still scary stiff mountain eboshiri Chirimayo

Chicken hormone kimchi pickled Korean style tofu sprinkle salt champagne cabbage home made namulu

【Fried food】

Fried french fried potatoes Fried chicken fried chicken Japanese style soup fried chicken fried chili sauce

Deep-fried chicken with fried chicken Ponzu vinegar whimsical croquette Deep-fried saucepea sauce Mayo

Deep-fried cartilage magic salt Salt fried rice cake Grated sugar soy sauce Fried fried fried dumplings Naniwa specialty fried Takoyaki

【Rice, soup】

Wakame soup Egg soup Wakama soup Kimchi tofu Tige soup rice (large or medium)

Fried rice bowls from special bibimbap special products Kimchi Koppa filled with vegetables


Annin Tofu Honey Sweet Potato Petit Cake Capricious Jelly Matcha Shirahama dumpling

All-you-can-drink menu

· Barrel · Shandyaga · Red Eye · Coke Beer · Cassisvia ● Asahi Super Dry Bottle · Extra Cold + All-you-can-drink at 499 yen !!
· Cherry · Cassis · Peach · Mango · Pine · Aloe · Banana · · Tea · Grin tea · Yogi · Kalua · Vodka · Gin · · · ETC Eat your favorite juice and ♪
· Fruit wine · Plum wine
· Plum · Cherry · Yuzu · Kabos · Sudachi · Giant Peak · Melon · White Peach · Orange · (Rock · Soda · Water · Hot Water)
· Shochu · Sake
· Shochu (wheat · potato · shiso · horseradish · soba · ginger · kelp · awamori · sesame · jasmine) sake (cold · hot spring)
· Liquor · Chinese sake
· Whiskey (rock · water split · soda split) Chinese liquor (apricot distilled spirit, shochu, gold shochu, hazel shochu · indigo straw)
· Sakura · Ginger · Cork · Shochu · Yuzu · Sudachi · Cabos · Plum · Lemon · Lime · · · ETC
· Wine · Chinzano
· Wine (red · white) · Wine cocktail · Tinzano (Rosso · Dry)
·Soft drink
· Orange · Grapefruit · Pineapple · Calpis · Milk · Oolong Tea · Ginger Ale · Cola · Apple

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